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WUXGA Large Venue 3LCD Laser Projector

17,000 Lumens 16:10 Aspect Ratio WUXGA (1920 x 1200)

High Brightness, High Contrast, High Performance and Maintenance-free LCD Laser Projector

EIKI V1700 is our latest 3 LCD projector with laser light source in EIKI’s Large venue projector PRO-V Series.

This model offers high brightness, high contrast and high color reproduction with the new 3LCD and laser light optical engine.

Filter less by newly designed cooling system and sealed optical engine provides silent operation, maintenance-free fixed installation.

PRO V series is a versatile installation projector with advance keystone correction (Pin cushion/Barrel, 4-corner, 6-corner), full 360o installation capability including portrait mode and a full suite of optional lenses .

In addition, EIKI V1700 offers brilliant projection image by the new 1.0” LCD panel and high efficiency laser light source.

Key Features
  • Designed For Heavy-duty use •Long Life Time Laser Light Source •Signal Wake Up
  • Security Bar
  • 360°Projection
  • Edge Bending
  • Lock Lens Position
  • Save Lens Position
  • Using Time Setting

What is DICOM features is for Pro-V?
  • The DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) mode of a projector is typically used in scenarios where medical imaging needs to be displayed for educational, training, or diagnostic purposes.
  • The DICOM mode ensures that the projector displays medical images with the necessary precision, grayscale consistency, and brightness levels required for accurate interpretation and analysis by healthcare professionals.

Name Description Size Type
Eiki PRO V1700 Datasheet Eiki PRO V1700 Datasheet 2.1 MB PDF

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