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WUXGA Large Class 3LCD Laser Projector

9,500 Lumens 16:10 Aspect Ratio WUXGA (1920 x 1200)

Totally NEW and Innovative LCD Laser Projector

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

With the laser light source, optical engine is free from dust and filter-less design, no more frequent maintenance is required that makes drastic save for the maintenance cost.

The EK-950LU, this new projector is LCD projector with laser light source in EIKI’s Large Class projector product line.

The EK-950LU realise both quiet operation and high brightness by newly developed cooling system for optical engine. The cooling system that is a sealed box that protects optical engine from dusts and filter-less design, provides higher cooling performance and lower fan noise.

In addition, this model offers the excellent projection image by the combination of 3LCD and Laser light source.

Moreover, it also provides high installation capability that is supported by friendly keystone adjustment enables to install at various places such as conference rooms, house of worships, museums and so on.

Key Features
  • 20,000hrs Light Source Life
  • 100,000 : 1 Contrast ratio
  • Flexible installation
    - 360°free orientation
    - Portrait Projection
    - Pin/Barrel Correction
    - Lens Shift
    V: + 50~ -10% H: +/- 20% (AH-EC21020)
    - Keystone Correction
    V / H : +/- 30 degrees
    4-Corner, 6-Corner
  • 5 Option Lenses
  • Sealed Optical Engine design without filters

Name Description Size Type
EK950LU Brochure EK950LU Brochure 1.41 MB PDF

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