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WUXGA Large Class 3LCD Laser Projector

8,500 Lumens 16:10 Aspect Ratio WUXGA (1920 x 1200)

Totally New and Innovative LCD Laser Projector

Low Maintenance and Total Cost of Ownership

The 20,000 hour laser light source and filter-less design mean there are no lamps or filters to replace, reducing maintenance time and total cost of ownership.

This model offers high brightness and high color reproduction with the new 3LCD and lser light optical engine.

Newly designed cooling system with sealed optical engine and filter-less design provides high performance and low fan noises.

EK-850LU is a versatile installation projector with advanced keystone correction (4 corner, 6-corner), full 360º installation capability including portrait mode and a full suite of optional lenses.

Name Description Size Type
EK-850LU Brochure EK-850LU Brochure 0.69 MB PDF

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